• Dog tag fox red labrador

Sweet William - Dog Tag - Fox Red Labrador

Introducing the Sweet William Dog Tag featuring a charming Fox Red Labrador! This adorable accessory is the perfect way to show off your furry friend's personality while keeping them safe and secure.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Sweet William Dog Tag is not only durable but also incredibly stylish. The front of the tag features a delightful illustration of a Fox Red Labrador, complete with a wagging tail and bright eyes. And on the back, there's plenty of space to include all the important information your pup might need in case they get lost.

But the Sweet William Dog Tag is more than just a practical necessity. It's also a fun and quirky accessory that will make your dog stand out from the pack. Whether your pup is a showstopper or a bit of a mischief-maker, this tag is the perfect way to express their unique personality.

And if you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a fellow dog lover, the Sweet William Dog Tag is a surefire winner. It comes beautifully packaged in a stylish gift box and would make a perfect addition to any pup's collar.

So, whether you're a Fox Red Labrador fanatic or simply looking for a fun and functional dog tag, the Sweet William Dog Tag is a must-have. It's sure to become a beloved accessory for you and your furry friend alike.

Diameter: 2.5 cm Width: 0.2 cm
  • £13.99