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St Eval - Orange and Cinnamon 1/2x6 Bundles of 4

St Eval Orange and Cinnamon Scented 1/2 x 6 Bundles of 4 Mini Candles Soy Wax

Our tart and zesty Orange & Cinnamon aroma will warm your home this Christmas.

The great pick-up gift is a 1/2"x6" candle scented with orange and cinnamon. Each small bundle is hand-wrapped with a raffia loop and a label.

Each small candle can last up to three hours.

Burn Time: up to 3 hours
Size: 1/2" x 6''
Fragrance: Orange & Cinnamon
Fragrance Description: A warm tangy fragrance with hints of spice.
Pack Size: 20 per pack

  • £6.99