• Thyme & mint pillar candle 3"x 3"

St Eval - Thyme & Mint Pillar Candle 3"x 3"

Are you ready to be transported to an English garden filled with the fresh and invigorating scents of thyme and mint? With St Eval's Thyme & Mint Pillar Candle, that's exactly where you'll find yourself.

At 3"x3", this charming candle packs a powerful punch of fragrance, filling your home with the lively scents of thyme and mint. Whether you're relaxing in the living room or enjoying a bath, this candle is sure to lift your spirits and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Each candle is hand-poured by skilled artisans in Cornwall, England, using only the finest ingredients. The natural wax and cotton wick ensure a clean burn that's free of harmful chemicals, making this candle a safe and eco-friendly choice for your home.

But the Thyme & Mint Pillar Candle is more than just a fragrant and sustainable home accessory. Its elegant design and soothing aroma make it the perfect gift for anyone who loves to bring the outdoors inside. Whether you're looking for a housewarming present, a birthday gift, or a special treat for yourself, this candle is sure to impress.

So why settle for a boring, unscented candle when you can enjoy the refreshing and invigorating aroma of thyme and mint with St Eval's Thyme & Mint Pillar Candle? Give your home the gift of natural fragrance and sustainable style today.

Height: 7.5 cm Diameter: 7.5 cm
  • £13.99