• Teabag dish springer spaniel liver

Sweet William - Teabag Dish - Springer Spaniel - Liver

Introducing the Sweet William Teabag Dish in the form of a lovable Springer Spaniel in the rich and flavorful Liver colorway. This adorable dish is the perfect addition to any tea lover's collection, with its practical yet charming design.

Whether you're an avid tea drinker or simply love quirky home accessories, the Sweet William Teabag Dish is sure to delight. Its playful Springer Spaniel shape is expertly crafted, capturing the breed's distinct features, from its long droopy ears to its wagging tail. But don't let its cute appearance fool you, this dish is highly functional too!

Use it to keep your teabags organized and within easy reach, or as a convenient spot to place your spoon or sugar cubes. Its durable ceramic construction ensures that it can withstand daily use, while its easy-to-clean surface makes it a breeze to maintain.

Not only is the Sweet William Teabag Dish a practical addition to any kitchen, it's also a charming decorative item. Its Liver colorway adds a touch of warmth and richness to any countertop or table, while the Springer Spaniel design brings a playful and whimsical vibe.

This teabag dish makes a great gift for any dog lover or tea enthusiast, or simply as a treat for yourself. Its unique and quirky design is sure to stand out in any collection, while its practicality ensures that it will be used time and time again.

So why settle for a boring teabag dish when you can have the Sweet William Teabag Dish - Springer Spaniel - Liver? Add a touch of fun and functionality to your tea-drinking routine and make your mornings a little brighter with this charming and practical accessory.

Height: 2.5 cm Width: 13 cm Length: 10 cm"
  • £12.99