• Sandrine Mug, Blue, stoneware

Bloomingville - Sandrine Mug, Blue, Stoneware

Bloomingville Sandrine Mug Handcrafted Ceramic Glazed Unique Large Danish

The Sandrine collection, from the Bloomingville catalogue, is a rustic, atmospheric collection of glazed porcelain plates. All of the dishes in the series are marked by a lot of 'unevenness,' both in terms of colour, pattern, and proportions.The plates are handmade, so their sizes may vary somewhat from those described in the description and in the photographs, and the unequal distribution of dots is clearly a purposeful activity designed to transport the user to the Mediterranean seaside, where there is no rush or noise. The dishes in the Sandrine collection have a pleasant to the touch surface, which adds a special pleasure to a cup of morning coffee or a leisurely breakfast with dishes from the collection. The mug shown here is perfect for a full cup of coffee or tea.

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