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Sweet William - Small Dog Bowl - Obedience Classes are for Wimps

Introducing the Sweet William small dog bowl - the perfect accessory for your furry friend who refuses to bow down to obedience classes. This bowl is for the rebellious pups who prefer to live life on their own terms and don't have time for "sit", "stay", or "heel".

Made from high-quality ceramic, this bowl is durable enough to withstand even the most boisterous of pooches. The design features the bold statement "Obedience Classes are for Wimps", making it clear to all that your pup is a free spirit who won't be tamed.

Whether you're feeding your dog their favorite kibble or filling up their water bowl after a long walk, the Sweet William small dog bowl is the perfect size for smaller breeds. With a capacity of 16 oz, it's just the right size for your four-legged friend to enjoy their meal in comfort and style.

Not only is this bowl functional and practical, it's also a statement piece that will make your furry friend the talk of the dog park. The unique and quirky design is sure to turn heads and start conversations, while also serving as a subtle nod to your pup's rebellious spirit.

So if you're looking for a dog bowl that's as unique and individual as your pup, look no further than the Sweet William small dog bowl. It's the perfect way to show the world that your dog is one-of-a-kind and proud of it. After all, who needs obedience classes when you've got a free spirit like your furry friend by your side?

Height: 4.5 cm Width: 15 cm
  • £21.99