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St Eval - Cucumber & Black Pepper Large Secret Garden Collection

St Eval Cucumber and Black Pepper Secret Garden Collection Large Potted Candle

Discover fresh, inviting fragrances from our newest collection, Secret Garden. The white, rustic pots complement the home with a natural, uncluttered feel. Filled with three unique aromatic delights inspired by our summer gardens; herbal Bay & Rosemary, fruity Grapefruit & Lime and our crisp new scent, Cucumber & Black Pepper.

Cucumber & Black Pepper, enjoy a clean and fresh revitalising scent.

Shortlisted for Gift of the Year 2021

Burn Time: up to 60 hours
Size: 12cm x 10.5cm
Fragrance: Cucumber & Black Pepper
Fragrance Description: A clean and fresh revitalising scent.
Pack Size: 1 per pack

  • £24.99