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Bloomingville - Sasha Basket Natural Seagrass Set of 3

The Bloomingville Sasha Basket Natural Seagrass Set of 3 is the perfect solution for your storage needs, while adding a touch of boho-chic to your living space. Made from natural seagrass, these baskets are both durable and environmentally-friendly, adding an eco-friendly element to your home decor.

The set of three baskets comes in different sizes, each designed to meet your storage needs. The small basket is perfect for storing small trinkets, while the medium-sized basket can hold magazines or newspapers. The large basket is ideal for storing blankets, pillows, or even plants.

The natural seagrass material adds an element of texture to your living space, making the baskets not just functional, but also a decorative element. The neutral color of the baskets allows them to blend in with any decor style, while the woven pattern adds a touch of personality to your home.

These baskets are perfect for decluttering your space, while also adding a touch of warmth and coziness. The natural material adds a sense of calm to your living space, making it the perfect addition to your bedroom, living room, or even your bathroom.

Whether you're using them to store your favorite books, your cozy blankets, or your potted plants, the Bloomingville Sasha Basket Natural Seagrass Set of 3 is sure to add a touch of charm and functionality to your home decor.

Large: Height: 30 cm, Diameter: 44 cm Medium: Height: 27 cm, Diameter: 34 cm Small: Height: 23 cm, Diameter: 24 cm