• Laundry wall basket

Bloomingville - Grey Jute Set of 2 Laundry Wall Baskets

Looking for a stylish and practical way to organize your laundry? Look no further than the Bloomingville Grey Jute Set of 2 Laundry Wall Baskets!

Crafted from high-quality jute, these baskets are durable, eco-friendly, and have a natural look that will complement any decor. They feature a versatile grey color that will match any color scheme, making them a great addition to any laundry room or closet.

Not only are these baskets stylish, but they're also incredibly functional. The wall-mounted design allows you to save floor space and keep your laundry off the ground, while the large size provides ample room for all your dirty clothes. Plus, the two-basket set means you can easily separate your lights and darks, making laundry day a breeze.

But the benefits don't stop there! These baskets are also great for storing other household items, like blankets, towels, or even toys. The sturdy construction ensures that whatever you store in them will stay safe and secure.

So why settle for boring laundry baskets when you can have the Bloomingville Grey Jute Set of 2 Laundry Wall Baskets? With their combination of style and functionality, they're sure to make your laundry routine a little more enjoyable.

Large: Height: 10 cm, Diameter: 10 cm Large: Height: 15 cm, Diameter: 16 cm